Netdemics specializes in supporting K-12 institutions. Whether you are a district, charter, or private school, we have years of experience in educational technologies. Strategic planning, project management, and daily service are all integral parts of your support success.

It takes planning to be part of the In-Cloud.

Netdemics' project leaders are beside you every step of the way. We guarantee technical success while focusing on the most important element of your organization: your people.


Netdemics has surpassed the requirements to become Google and Cisco partners. 


1:1 device deployment and support is seamless with our policies and monitoring software.


On site and remote assistance ensure your staff and students are able to focus on learning.

Netdemics Is The Leader In Technical Support For Schools


We can easily be understood through our ten core values. Every decision and every interaction is based on our guiding principles:


Communicate thoroughly with goals, tasks, and updates.


Encourage positive interactions every time.


Build a community, not just a business.


Deliver happiness through "WOW" service.


Be professional with a hint of whimsy.


Always tell the truth and operate transparently.


Build long term relationship by doing what's best for others.


Pursue growth both professionally and personally.


Be humble, generous, and respectful.


Take responsibility.


Technology isn't the only answer. Leadership is essential.

Organizations often have equipment. However, the staff remains unhappy and unproductive. Why? It’s because hardware alone does not solve technology problems. The true goal is to design technology that works with you.

Awesome Support

The cloud makes everything more affordable. Organizations no longer need to be burdened with cumbersome servers, unneeded licenses, and add-on software to support it all.

Always Available Answers

Netdemics is ready to support your administrators and teachers with quick answers to the most common questions. For the more advanced issues, you have our team of certified experts and direct access to additional vendors to make sure you get the answers you need.

On Site and Proactive

Remote support may be the only option many companies offer. However, we value the personal service of the on site visit. You’ll often find Netdemics technicians at your location ready to help.

Budget-Conscious Billing

Netdemics understands educational budgets. We're experienced in E-Rate, auxiliary funding, grants, special programs, and free services. We assist with the paperwork burden to strengthen your technology program. Payments are explained beforehand making budgeting easy and predictable.